Cancer's Tough. We are Tougher.

A positive attitude won't win the fight, but without out it, the battle is already lost.

The Story

Cancer's Tough. I'm Tougher

The clothing line shown within these pages is more than words - it is an essential philosophy; one I would hope all cancer patients as well as those around them, would adopt. It is about hope and will. In keeping with that philosophy, one dollar from the purchase of any of these items from will go to cancer research. A win-win. Show your solidarity against cancer and help push the research forward.

SM Dougan - novelist,cancer survivor,I'm tougher,we're tougherMe, and many others like me, are cancer survivors; cancer thrivers. I am a father, a son, a husband, a grandfather, a novelist/author, and a cancer survivor. Cancer doesn’t define me, it is only a part of me. I will do all I can to ensure that doesn't change. Much of that has to do with my own strength, determination,amd outlook, but much more is the result of the tools my team of highly skilled medical professions have been able to provide for me to fight with. I am living proof that it is working. My wish is that one day, in the not too distant future, I will be the norm - not the exception.

I have small lymphatic lymphoma, which is still with me, but is behaving itself for now. I also have bladder cancer which required radical surgery and chemotherapy to defeat. I remain on observation for recurrence, but as it stands right now, I have won. I am a cancer survivor; a cancer thriver. As such, I feel an obligation to do what I can to give back in some way.

More than a year ago, while finishing my chemo sessions, I built a “mini library”. It is a small structure attached to my fence where those that wish, can add books, or borrow books. Since being built, it has seen a steady stream of use. The titles and quantity constantly change and it has become somewhat of a simple landmark in our neighbourhood. It was created to help me feel productive after enduring the pain and doubt of treatment. It continues to survive and thrive, much like myself.

I also created and continue to maintain a blog at In the blog I have documented my journey with bladder cancer from diagnosis, through treatment, and on to living with the after-effects of the cancers. It was created to offer hope and support to other cancer patients as they progress with their fight. I have been contacted by many people as a result of the blog. Some I still stay in contact with; Some have since lost their battle. It exists as a personal testament for standing up and fighting.

So much media surrounds fear and death from cancer, while it is aall too true a reality, so to is hope. Surviving cancer is possible. I have created these designs not because a positive attitude will cure cancer, but rather because without it, the battle is already lost.

Best wishes in your fight.


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